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LottoAlly download

LottoAlly - your true lotto partner

LottoAlly is your ultimate ally in a game of lotto.

Your partner who helps you to win but asks no prize to share!

LottoAlly is a multiple featured Lotto software. It combines lotto combinations creating with lottery ticket printing facilities. Powerful tool which prepares your winning combination and print your lotto tickets.
Designed for the beginner in mind but powerful enough for the most enthusiastic lotto players, LottoAlly is extremely easy to use.

LottoAlly features:

  • Select from over 350 optimized wheeling systems;
  • Wheels range from 7 to 45 numbers;
  • Enter your own numbers or let the program pick them for you;
  • Play numbers imported from a file;
  • Make your own filters and constraints;
  • Full support for 5, 6 and 7 numbers played;
  • Unlimited numbers in a lotto game;
  • Prints to official lotto tickets;
  • Supports all ticket versions we have seen so far.
Download LottoAlly manual to get complete information about the program extraordinary capabilities.


LottoAlly is completely coded in Java so it runs on any operating system which supports Java.
It has been fully tested on Windows 98/XP and Linux, but should run with no problems on other operating systems.
The Java version required is 1.4 or better. If you don't have Java installed on your computer you are invited to download LottoAlly with JRE.