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You want your internet site and know nothing of the price?

Accurate planning will help you a great deal in the process of decision making. We provide a small web calculator to help you determine approximate price for the site you want.

Every web site consists of numerous elements, which need a specific development time, thus influencing the total price.
This calculator will help you find out how much you should pay for the site development. If you don't understand some of the terms used, let us know, and we shall assist you.
Play with the calculator, change values, test differnet options, find the right pice for your site.

Web site price calculator*

Number of pages with static content
Pages with dynamic content(JSP, servlets,PHP, CGI...)
Images provided by you
logo, gif...
Images designed by Logotet background
logo, gif...
animated gif
Flash animation
Data Base development Yes No
Online store Yes No
Domain registration Yes No
Search engine submission Yes No

Approximate site development price EUR

* This calculator takes into account the mostly used elements only. The price for specific requests can be determined after a carefull system analysis. Site maintenance is part of separate contract.